E3 2011: Plans for simultaneous five-player gaming on Nintendoâ??s new console

Wii U compatibility: MotionPlus certain, others not

Nintendo’s next generation console is compatible with Wii MotionPlus controllers, Nintendo has confirmed.

Yet it is speculated that legacy Wii remotes – those without the extra accuracy offered by MotionPlus tech – will not be compatible.

The speculation comes from a newly-published conversation between Nintendo talisman Shigeru Miyamoto and company president Satoru Iwata.

Miyamoto said “right now I’m planning that people can still be able to use their Wii Remote controllers that they already have on Wii 2.”

That could pave the way for simultaneous five-player gaming on Wii U, he claimed.

Yet Nintendo president Satoru Iwata replied: "You mean this new controller and four Wii Remote Plus controllers for a total of five".

Miyamoto went on to add that the Wii Remote “has become its ideal form with the Wii Remote Plus".

Yesterday at E3, Nintendo took centre stage to demonstrate the next gen credentials of its new console Wii U.

More details on the device can be found here.

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