Will Wright gives the new SimCity his blessing

The man who created the first ever SimCity has said that he likes EA’s modern interpretation, which went on sale in the UK today.

"I like it a lot," Will Wright told NowGamer. "It’s interesting, in some sense it reminds me of the post-economic crash. It’s not about making your city big, it’s about making them not poor.

"I think they did a good job of balancing all the interrelated factors. At first it felt a little claustrophobic, you know with the size of the land, but after playing for a while I think it really makes a lot of sense.

"By kind of focusing it in it feels more personal, and so I really do want to zoom down and get a sense of what it feels like on the street. I think the visuals are just amazing, I love the tilt-shift focal lens."

No doubt some readers will react incredulously to Wright’s approval, but the truth remains that once the server problems are ironed out we will be left with what is a great, great game.

Moral objections to always-on internet DRM – be they justified or otherwise – should not dilute that point, at least.

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