Update has been pulled, but one helpful RT user has created a workaround for those with crippled tablets

Windows 8.1 glitch bricking RT devices

A glitch in Windows 8’s latest update is causing calamity for Windows RT users.

Windows 8.1 has reportedly been presenting users with the blue screen of death or caused their touchscreen Surface to refuse to start up.

Microsoft has now pulled the update from its network while it looks into the problem.

The glitch has reportedly affected one in every thousand users of Microsoft’s Windows tablet.

Before the official release, Windows RT user Scott Williams discovered workaround that involved downloading a 3.7GB patch to help those with tablets frozen by the update.

Microsoft is currently the only supplier of Windows RT devices, such as its Surface.

Manufactures including Asus, Lenovo, Samsung, and most recently Dell, have all dropped machines offer the OS from their tablet ranges.

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