LGC12: Microsoft calls on developers to take opportunity and get noticed before numbers rise considerably

Windows 8 Store has less than 1,500 game apps

The Windows 8 Store currently only has 1,421 game apps, Microsoft’s marketing lead for indy game app builders has revealed.

Speaking at the London Games Conference 2012, Andrew Webber said that of these, there were just 13 apps within the racing category.

Webber explained that he expected this to change considerably over the next year, but cited that there was a great opportunity for developers to take advantage of the digital store while numbers were low.

He said that discoverability would be little problem for new games on the app store at the moment.

The Windows Store has a long way to go to compete with Google Play and the iOS App Store, which have amassed 675,000 and 700,000 apps each.

But given the number of PC’s that are likely to adopt the Windows 8 OS, and the expected number of other devices to handle Windows 8 in the next year expected to reach eight to nine million, those numbers on the Windows 8 Store are likely set to rise rapidly.

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