Exodus resumes as Mists of Pandaria expansion hype fades

World of Warcraft sheds 400,000 subscribers

Fantasy MMO World of Warcraft has lost around 400,000 subscribers to bring the total number of users to 9.6 million, Activision has revealed.

The title had reported more than ten million subscribers as of September 30th last year, thanks to the release of expansion title Mists of Pandaria.

But despite lifting the MMO from a low of 9.1 million and selling 2.7 million copies, World of Warcraft has begun seeing an exodus of users again.

The number of subscribers leaving does not appear as bad as in 2011 however, when 800,000 users left the MMO between June and September that year, which also followed the departure of around 300,000 customers the six months prior.

In August 2012 meanwhile, Activision revealed that it had lost a further one million subscribers in just three months, bringing the total number of users down to 9.1 million, before seeing a resurgence with the release of Mists of Pandaria.

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