Won't let you get inside the game just yet

Xbox One will support streaming to Oculus Rift headset from December 12

From December 12, Oculus Rift owners will have the option to Stream their Xbox One games from their console to their Oculus Rift using a new app from Microsoft. You won’t be able to climb inside of games just yet, but you will be able to leave your living room for a virtual living room to play games in with a bigger TV.

It’s a big step forwards towards full virtual reality for Microsoft’s console, and cements the ongoing relationship between Oculus and Microsoft. They’ve been partners for a while, with each Oculus Rift headset currently coming bundled with a wireless Xbox One controller. This move will allow you to experience not just every Xbox One game in virtual reality, but all of the Xbox 360 titles currently supported with backwards compatibility.

Microsoft itself has already said that it plans to bring some virtual reality to the Xbox One Scorpio console that’s planning to launch late next year, although they haven’t talked about whether or not this VR will include Oculus devices. Reliance on an Oculus system would probably be preferable for virtual reality developers, but we’ll have to wait and see where Microsoft’s VR ambitions lie when they release more information ahead of Scorpio’s release.

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