Mo-cap add-on aims to streamline how developers bring characters to life in Unity

Xsens releases real-time character tool for Unity

Xsens, the Netherlands-based creator of Xsens MVN, an inertial motion capture tool for the film and games industry, has releases a new real-time character plug-in to for Unity.

Xsens MVN Unity Tools aim to give Unity developers easy access to MVN motion capture data.

The plug-in allows artists and developers to view live motions in real-time on character. Next to the real-time plug-in there is also a file based approach using the FBX format to import MVN motion capture data into Mecanim, Unity’s powerful and flexible animation system.

“The integration of Xsens MVN into Unity opens up new possibilities for developers who want to efficiently create custom animations or even bring their characters to live in real-time,” said Xsens product manager Hein Beute.

“The intuitive tools of Unity and ease of use of Xsens MVN provides developers with a powerful combination to produce prototypes or create games, this will be a huge costs saver for anyone who wants to create custom animations for their characters in Unity.”

With the addition of the Unity Tools, Xsens has expands its portfolio of plug-ins, which already includes live plug-ins for Siemens PLM Software and Autodesk MotionBuilder and Maya.

See a demo of the tool in action below:

<iframe width="430" height="242" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

FInd out more at Xsens’ website.

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