Former EA exec Neil Young forms ng:moco, focused on high-end handsets

Young founds iPhone games publisher

Just over a week after his departure from EA was announced, Neil Young has unveiled his new venture – a new firm dedicated to publishing games for the iPhone and other high-end mobile platforms.

Called ng:moco, the new venture is pitched to seize the emerging opportunity on the increasingly-popular Apple handset.

"It feels to me like the time is right to really innovate, both in terms of the business and the games that can get made for mobile platforms. I’m leaving Electronic Arts to focus on that.

"I think with this device, mobile phones have crossed a threshold of usability that is really changing the patterns of usage. That really opens the door to a whole bunch of different things that you can start doing with the device," Young told Gamasutra.

"The iPhone, from a performance standpoint, is pretty close to a PSP, but unlike the PSP, it’s got a touchscreen, accelerometers, a camera, it’s location-aware, it’s got all of your media on it, it’s awake with you, it’s always on, and it’s always connected to the network. So if you think about the types of games and entertainment experiences that you can build on a platform like that, it’s got to get pretty exciting pretty quickly."

Online, ng:como has a holding site with contact details listed on it inviting developers and potential employees to get in touch.

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