Legendary designer retires from role of R&D creative officer though he will remain at the publisher

Yu Suzuki leaves key Sega post

Esteemed Japanese games designer Yu Suzuki has retired from his role as R&D creative officer at publisher Sega to assume a position at the company’s AM Plus division, Edge reports.

Suzuki has produced many of Sega’s most loved titles, with a portfolio including the likes of Space Harrier, Out Run, Virtua Fighter, Virtua Cop and fan-favourite Shenmue.

In recent times Suzuki has reportedly been working on the mysterious Shenmue Online, but with the game never receiving a public airing, it’s unlikely that the cherished series will ever receive the online sequel so many core fans yearn for.

Sega’s AM Plus Division is yet to release any games outside of Japan, though it has released two arcade titles in the publisher’s home country.

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