The wordy team-up heralds a new update for 2012 hit Spelltower and a new word game

Zach Gage announces partnership with Merriam-Webster

Zach Gage, the mobile game developer behind Really Bad Chess and Sage Solitaire, has announced that he’s partnering up with Merriam-Webster, the company known best for the Merriam-Webster dictionaries.

This partnership will bring a new update to his 2012 hit Spelltower, a game Gage created because of his own hatred for word games. Gage will release a new version of Spelltower on Thursday that’ll support the Merriam-Webster dictionary, but the partnership has also lead to a smaller version of the game that can be played in a browser.

This is Spelltower’s first update in nearly four years, and it’s just the appetiser. After this Spelltower update, Gage has said he’ll work with Merriam-Webster to create an all-new word game, although it’s not clear just yet exactly what form this collaboration will take, or what form the game will take – although it’s reasonable to expect it’ll be a mobile game, with Gage’s expertise.

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