Policy shouldn't come before consumer-friendliness, argues Take-Two CEO

Zelnick urges console makers to remain flexible

Console manufacturers must ensure next-gen hardware policies are flexible to consumer needs, says company CEO Strauss Zelnick.

With the Xbox One and PlatStation 4 releases just months away the industry is still debating some of the policies adopted by Sony and Microsoft.

Take-Two isn’t shying away from the debate, and as part of its investor’s brief today it said it’s advising against the hardware makers adopting any policies that will hinder flexibility.

“Our view is that meeting consumers where they are is the best way to run a business and you want to make sure that your policies reflect the way people like to consume product," said Zelnick.

"We’ve always been ecumenical about platforms, channels, geography and business models. We are not a rule-based company. Our goal is to delight consumers and the way we do that is by being flexible – bringing them the best products wherever they are, on whatever platform they want to consume it.”

The risks involved in the console transition are immense, and the possibility of consumers being turned off by policy is one that has any console-centered business a bit worried.

For his part, Zelnick argues that being truly consumer-friendly means being able to move to meet demand and avoiding any hard rules, and he says that Take-Two will do as much as it can to remain light on its feet within the bounds of manufacturer policy.

"We try to be good partners with the console makers – they are our bread and butter, we support them as they do us,” he explained.

“We recognise that they set these policies and we encourage the policies to be as open-minded as possible. But you can rest assured that we will always be a leader in being flexible and consumer-friendly within the purview of the policies that the console makers set."

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