ZeniMax and Oculus legal battle continues with Gear VR claim

The continuing legal battle between media group ZeniMax and VR creator Oculus has once again escalated.

A new lawsuit, reportedly filed on Friday evening by ZeniMax, claims the Samsung Gear VR unit features technology owned by the media group. ZeniMax have had various lawsuits against the Samsung Gear VR’s creators, Oculus, for the same reasons, along with various suits against former members of staff.

This new lawsuit claims that Samsung profitied from the misapropriated technology and that a former Oculus employee, Matt Hooper, was snuck in to the iD Software office by then employee John Carmack for a secret meeting. The alleged meeting, ZeniMax claim, was to create an attack plan for mobile VR.

CNet are reporting the lawsuit, filed against Samsung and not the Facebook owned Oculus, are ‘seeking damages, profits from the sales of "infringing works" and "use of trade secrets," royalties, injunctive relief and punitive damages.’

ZeniMax have already partaken in one legal battle against Oculus, resolved earlier this year with $500 million in damages awarded to the media group.

We’ll update with further information when more becomes available.

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