Parent firm closes London facility

Zoë Mode studios merged by Kuju

Kuju has closed its London Zoë Mode facility, and is moving the remaining staff to the Brighton studio of the subsiduary company.

Instigated as Zoë Mode looks to boost visability in the US, the closure follows a reduced headcount earlier in the year, reports

According to Kuju its other studios, such as Headstrong, Vatra and Doublesix, will not be effected by the reshuffle.

Speaking to the GI, Kuju CEO nigel Robbins confirmed that the consolidation is not a sign that the overall Zoë Mode operation is under threat.

"We recently decided to consolidate studio resources in the UK under one roof, being our other studio in Brighton, given that we have a long term lease there with ample space and great facilities," said Robbins.

"That said, we are also keen to ramp up Zoë Mode’s presence in the US, and I would like to eventually see like-for-like capabilities and resources in both the US and the UK for Zoë Mode, with the latter being Brighton-centric."

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