Q1 revenue boosted by 15% through Zynga activities

Zynga made $250m for Facebook in three months

Zynga contributed about 15 per cent of Facebook’s revenue for the three months ending March 31st, the social network has revealed.

Facebook recorded Q1 revenue at $1.06 billion, about 6 per cent below what was managed in the three months ending December 31st.

The company disclosed in a SEC file that Zynga’s activities accounted for about $250 million of that figure.

How this is split between advertising and in-game transactions is unclear, however.

Facebook takes about 30 per cent of Zynga’s traded virtual currency, suggesting that the social games giant made another fortune with in-game items.

A special arrangement between both companies ends in May 2015.

Zynga is now targeting its own advertising revenues – the company has established its own Zynga.com web portal, allowing people to play all of its games away from Facebook.

Though users will, for now, need a Facebook account to play Zynga’s games, all display advertising on Zynga.com will go to Mark Pincus’s company.

Zynga, which went public in December 2011, will report first quarter earnings on Thursday.

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