'Pretty sad when a company of 2,789 people can't even come up with their own game ideas', says indie dev

Zynga’s new hope branded ‘Tiny Tower clone’

Tiny Tower developer Nimblebit has hit out at Zynga’s upcoming free-to-play tower building game, as it believes it bares a striking resemblance to its 2011 iPhone game of the year.

Dream Heights, to be released on mobile, has users build skyscrapers, with each floor an individual shop to attract visitors. Players must raise enough money to construct more rooms.

Whilst Zynga’s title has some different and social features, Nimblebit co-founder David Marsh has taken to Twitter to hit out at the upcoming game.

“Pretty sad when a company of 2,789 people can’t even come up with their own game ideas. What a large scale failure of imagination!” he said.

Brother and co-worker Ian Marsh also posted a letter on the social networking site of side-by-side screenshots showing similar aspects between the titles, such as a similar tower layout, payscheme and in-game shop.

“Good luck with your game, we are looking forward to inspiring you with our future games,” reads a statement.

“Sincerely (all three of us), Nimblebit.”

In December, Zynga won a settlement in its copyright case against Brazilian games firm Vostu, after it had claimed the developer had coped the design and content of a number of its games such as CityVille.

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