UPPM debuts Universal Trailer Series

Iconic entertainment company's licensing department offers music model tailored for trailers, and offers WWE 13 prizes
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Audio licensing outfit Universal Publishing Production Music has launched a new service that offers access to music specially crafted for use in trailers.

Offering a library of specially crafted and recorded music available to license, the Universal Trailer Series presents cost-effective access to music crafted by some of cinema's most well regarded composers.

Composers involved include Veigar Margeirsson, behind scoring elements of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, The A-Team, Beowulf and Batman Begins, and Gary Liu, who has made music for the advertisements for Star Wars, Transformers, and Resident Evil.

The Universal Trailer Series covers a number of musical genres, from classical and orchestral music through to contemporary styles such as dubstep and electro. Each available track is composed with trailer's in mind, for example offering a three tier structure for cutting up intro’s, builds and backends.

And, to attract the interest of developers, Universal Publishing Production Music has launched a competition giving away copies of wrestling game WWE 13, which uses music licensed from the company.

Those interested in winning a copy of the game can find out more at here at the official UPPM website, where they can also learn more about the company's licensing offering and the Universal Trailer Series of music. This round of the competition - the first of two – closes on november 9th.


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