â?¬250k investment for â??real-timeâ?? localisation tech

LocalizeDirect gets financial backing as it launches its new translation tool
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An investment package weighing as much as €250,000 is being given to Swedish localisation firm LocalizeDirect, as the company looks to offer solutions to the increasingly globalised game industry.

LocalizeDirect has secured the funding from leading VC outfit TeknoSeed, and will use the money to launch LocDirect; a tool that can effectively translate text strings in real-time.

The tech also offers simultaneous access to the localisation process, meaning developers, producers, translators, proofreaders, localization managers and QA staff can all get access to the real-time translations.

Christoffer Nilsson, the company’s managing director, said the group is now launching LocDirect.

“Publishers and developers are targeting more languages than ever before, game development complexity has continued to increase but the localisation process has stayed the same,” he said.

“Localising video games into different geographical regions is a must. This has become an extremely important factor in increasing sales.”


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