2D animation tool Harmony 12 introduces subscription model

Unity plug-in released on Asset Store
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Toon Boom has introdued a new subscription package for its 2D animation tool Harmony.

The tool enables artists to draw, rig, animate and export their 2D creations to a game, and has been used on productions including The Simpsons and SpongeBob Movie: Sponge out of Water.

Three editions of the software are now available, including Essentials, Advanced and Premium. A new subscription model meanwhile is also open to developers, starting at $15 a month.

The latest edition, Harmony 12, includes new features such as Bitmap Brush improvements, deformer enhancements, new surface volume and lighting features for 2D objects and support for open platform tools such as OpenFX plug-ins and Collada and Alembic 3D files.

Harmony Server meanwhile offers a central asset and production database for users to collaborate online.

A Unity plug-in for Harmony 12 has been released on the Asset Store.

Visit the Harmony website for more details.


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