2K Games takes out multi-title Havok licence

Physics engine to be used for upcoming Wii titles
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Following on from the success of Wii physics-based minigame collection Carnival Games, which sold over 1.5 million copies, 2K Games has taken out a multi-title Havok licence for several upcoming Wii titles.

“Havok physics engines allow game developers to realistically depict motion and the effects the game character has on their environment," said David O'Meara, managing director of Havok.

"Havok technology communicates with physical elements in the game and loads them with intelligence, allowing them to react to the players’ actions in a realistic way. Of course, anyone who has used the Wii will recognise how important accurate movement is for the players’ enjoyment of the game. Fans of Carnival Games: Mini- Golf won’t be disappointed with the final results!”