£360k for eight Scandinavian games

Nordic Game Programme distributes funding to a final clutch of projects for 2008
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The Nordic Game Programme has made its final set of funding commitments for 2008, dividing £360k between eight projects taking place in the Scandinavian territories.

A panel from the Nordic Game Program assessed 63 applications over the submissions period, as part of the second round of funding

Games developed by Finland’s Chiralion and Sauma Technologies, Norway’s Earthtree Media and Iceland’s Gogogic were joined by Sweden’s Black Drop Studios, The Story Lab, Resolution Interactive and Global Southend Productions are being each granted various amounts between £36k and £60k in kroner.

A statement released by the team reviewing submissions revealed: “The general quality of the applications has risen significantly over the years and is now more consistent than ever. We would, however, like to see future projects being even better developed in all three of the most important areas, i.e. business plan, game play and graphics.”

The Nordic Programme ‘focuses on making Nordic electronic games more readily available to Nordic consumers,’ and is currently half way through a planned six-year lifespan.



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