36-hour crunch to bolster Curiosity servers

Molyneux tweet reveals post release 22cans push on cube tapping iOS game
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A tweet by renowned games designer Peter Molynuex has revealed that the staff at his studio had to undertake a 36 hour crunch to resolve an issue with the troubled servers supporting iOS game Curiosity: What's Inside The Cube.

The Tweet read "The coders here at 22cans did another 36 hour marathon. We now have hugely improved servers #curiosity is stating to behave like it should."

Server issues have caused the much anticipated game problems since release.

Glance at the comments below the Tweet in question, and it's clear crunch remains a contentious issue. A number of games developers quickly suggested Molyneux was a little too upbeat about crunch, asserting that he should not encourage or promote the practice.

According to Molyneux's Tweets, the extra effort has dealt with the issues and introduced improvements.

Our recent interview with Molyneux about developing Curiosity can be found here.