38 staff cut from Ubisoftâ??s Red Storm

Studio unlikely to release its own product in foreseeable future
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Ubisoft has axed nearly forty staff at its Red Storm studio, the publisher has confirmed.

The group insists those affected by the cuts “have the opportunity to consider positions in other Ubisoft studios” – though it appears that North Carolina-based Red Storm is the only Ubisoft studio in the US.

Ubisoft is making significant investments far north of the US, in Canadian powerhouses Ubisoft Montreal and the new Toronto complex.

A Ubisoft spokesperson told Kotaku the cuts were due to “a realignment of production priorities”.

Since 2007 Red Storm has not released a full product. It has been used as part of Ubisoft’s multi-studio development remit.

Three years ago, Christian Allen, former creative director at Red Storm, jumped ship to FPS powerhouse Bungie.

A spokesperson said the layoffs were “part of a plan to allow the studio to focus on its core expertise: developing innovative multiplayer experiences.”