3D Brigade celebrates Dark Sector work

Eastern European outsourcer helped Digital Extremes with in-engine cutscenes
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3D Brigade has spoken about its work creating cutscenes for Digital Extremes' recent PS3 and Xbox 360 title Dark Sector.

The company was responsible for 15 minutes of cut-scenes in total, and took charge of camera placements and movements, direction and character and facial animations - all of which was delivered ready for DE's proprietary Evolution Engine. Based in Eastern Europe, the team worked closely with Digital Extremes for five months and utilised its own internal motion capture studio together with XSI to produce the seven sequences.

“The 3D Brigade team was fantastic to work with. They understood our vision and requirement for top quality work and they delivered,” said Sheldon Carter, producer at Digital Extremes.

“They went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with the end product and you can see the end result in the slick high-production look of Dark Sector.”

“The task to create world-class, AAA cut scenes for one of the key titles of 2008 gave us incredible experience in the field of real time movies,” said “For the most part, Digital Extremes gave us complete freedom regarding our work because they were very pleased with the results. Frankly, it’s hard to imagine a more mutually satisfying cooperation.”



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