3D interaction middleware OpenNI gets key upgrade

3D scanning and facial tracking among tool's new capabilities
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OpenNI, a middleware tool for technology such as Kinect, has received a significant upgrade.

Developed by a non-profit consortium, which goes by the same name, OpenNI claims to be the most commonly used natural interaction SDK.

Version 2.0 gives developers an improved SDK, which aims to make it simpler for a wider range of developers to use OpenNI to create computer vision middleware.

The software will enable new uses for current motion sensing and gesture control technologies, such as 3D scanning and reconstruction, facial tracking, scene segmentation, measurement tools and 3D animations.

“During the past year we listened to the community, and together with the OpenNI community we designed a simpler, clearer, better product that will encourage developers, R&D departments, and others to better develop and share middleware and applications” said Aviad Maizels, president of PrimeSense, and one of OpenNI’s founders.

“With over 100k monthly downloads of the SDK, OpenNI has become the standard framework for development of 3D sensing. It will now become the most natural and popular place to share these developments.”

Along with its new SDK, the firm has also refreshed it website to provide a hub for developers. The new site will offer 3D middleware libraries, from OpenNI and third-parties, and marketing tools to showcase, share and promote middleware and applications with other developers, with the ultimate goal of promoting the 3D sensing ecosystem, generating new business opportunities.

For more, visit the OpenNI website.

Image: OpenNI