3DS to embrace new DSiWare 'from day one'

Upcoming handheldâ??s online store, dubbed '3DS eShop', set to come at handheld's launch
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Nintendo has said it will continue offing an online games portal for its upcoming handheld, the 3DS.

It means both established studios and smaller indies can still distribute their content on Nintendo’s next major console.

The ‘3DS eShop’ will provide users with a catalogue of DSiWare games, as well as demo content and retro titles.

It remains a matter of speculation if developers can create games with 3D capabilities and distribute them across the 3DS eStore.

A spokesperson for Nintendo told Eurogamer that the 3DS eStore would be available from “day one” due to an immediate update available for the device.

A web browser will also be activated on launch day.

The 3DS launches February 26th in Japan, March 25th in Europe, and March 27th across the US.