$42m investment missing from Rovio financials

Revised company ownership shows 21% ownership transfer from Kaj Hed to investors
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Financial data provided by Angry Birds studio Rovio reveals that a $42 million investment reported by the company last year is unaccounted for.

The privately-owned company made financial data available to the public in May, but today the company filled its official report with National Board of Patents and Registration Of Finland.

According to Arctic Startup, this report makes no mention of the investment fueled by Accel Partners, Atomico Ventures and Felicis Ventures.

However, a list of company owners provided in February shows that as Accel and Attomico each gained a ten percent stake in the company, with Felicis Ventures recieving one percent.

At the same time, Kaj Hed of Trema International Holdings had seen his ownership decrease by a corresponding 21 percent.

All told, Rovio reported only $895,000 in new equity for 2011.


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