$4m investment for ex-Call of Duty devs' VR studio

Reload Studios specialises in virtual reality, working on multiplayer FPS World War Toons
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The studio behind World War Toons, a stylised multiplayer shooter for virtual reality, has received $4m in investment.

The funds came from a number of firms, including Rothenberg Ventures, World Innovation Labs, YK CRCM RS LLC and Barunson E&M, according to GamaSutra.

It adds to the £2m already invested in Reload Studios, a developer founded by former Call of Duty veterans Taehoon Ho and James Chung.

The investment will be used to continue work on World War Toons as well as other virtual reality projects. Reload has previously worked with WoofbertVR on interactive museum experiences, and plans to explore opportunities in education, film, the automotive industry and the military.