$50,000 awarded in latest educational Unreal Dev Grants

Epic Games funds the efforts of six users helping to make UE4 even more accessible
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UE4 Showdown demo.jpg

The newest round of Unreal Dev Grants has focused on developers and organisations working to educate users on the possibilities afforded by Epic Games’ widely-used engine.

$50,000 was split between six recipients as part of the company’s ongoing $5m initiative to support ambitious, innovative or valuable projects built with Unreal Engine 4.

The receipients of the latest Unreal Dev Grants are:

  • Mathew Wadstein, a developer who has created a series of YouTube tutorials explaining how to make a basic first-person shooter prototype in UE4.
  • Muhammad A. Moneim, who publishes weekly free tutorials and has published three books on the engine, lighting and rendering, and Unreal iOS development.
  • Jan Kaluza, an indie who has shared a number of tutorials with the community, including some that deconstruct special effects seen in Epic’s own 'Showdown' demo.
  • Cedric Neukirchen, a student who created the Sound Visualization Plugin as well as various free learning resources.
  • Fabrice Bourrelly, a 3D artist who has a compiled a full course for designers using Unreal Engine 4 for architectural visualisation projects.
  • VirtusEdu Learning Hub, a YouTube channel with step-by-step guides on how to build video games, websites and more.