A2M adopts Hansoft

Canadian studio picks project management and QA solution; version 5.3 out soon
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A2M, Canada's largest independent developer, has picked Hansoft's QA and project management solution.

"We first introduced Hansoft in a project that was near the end of pre-production," said Peter Schoeler, technical director at A2M. "We were very impressed by the ease with which we could adapt Hansoft to support our existing production processes and the real-time visibility it gives both management and staff on project status.

"We are looking forward to using it on more projects and value the new functionality brought by frequent updates. This we think will allow us to plan, scope, manage and execute projects much more effectively.”

Hansoft is also currently busy preparing version 5.3 of its solution, which is being used in over 20 countries worldwide.

“Hansoft 5.3 will feature revolutionary new tools for creating art task pipelines and automated workflows for quality sign-offs," said Hansoft CEO Patric Palm. "I am looking forward to see how leading studios such as A2M will use this to make the process of asset creation more lean.”