Abertay: Tax relief 'a breakthrough for the industry'

Government initiative will help companies thrive and encourage them to stay, says Paul Durrant
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Acclaimed games development course provider Abertay University has called the government’s proposed tax relief plans “a breakthrough for the industry”.

Abertay’s director of business development Paul Durrant said that the initiative now puts the games sector on a par with film and TV, whilst it has also shown how important the industry is to the UK.

“Today’s announcement of games tax relief from the Chancellor is a breakthrough for the UK’s computer games and creative industries,” he said.

“By explicitly stating that our computer games industry has the same status as the animation, film and TV sectors, the UK Government has shown it is serious about making Britain an international leader in games production once again.”

Durrant added that tax relief is also great news for start-ups, who will now find it easier than ever to create a business and develop games, whilst elso encouraging big developers to stay put.

“What the UK economy needs is a better environment for early stage, start-up businesses, and the proper support for companies to then grow and expand.

“The tax relief measure offers a more stable business environment for later stage, growth companies to thrive and stay in Britain, boosting the nation’s creative and economic output.”