Acclaim gets multi-million dollar investment

Deal brokered by Dave Perryâ??s
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Reborn online game developer Acclaim has received a multi-million dollar investment from venture capital firm Mayfield.

The deal is the first investment managed by Dave Perry’s, which was set up earlier this year to be a central portal for investors and developers to do business together.

"Analysts have been calling us from around the world, very focused on this sector of the market,” said Perry.

“Acclaim was perfectly positioned in the game space, being entirely focused online, delivering micro-transactions, digital distribution, in-game advertising, user-generated content and with a portfolio of games for both casual & core demographics.”

Raj Kapoor, managing director of Mayfield Fund, added: "In addition to being one of the most exciting and disruptive game companies we've seen, Acclaim has already established itself as an early leader in online games with millions of users resulting from the expertise of Howard Marks and help from David Perry and Game Investors."