Activision begins $250k search for indie talent

Publisher details its new Independent Games Competition
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The world’s largest publisher has today begun its hunt for raw, aspiring talent in the games industry.

The inaugural Activision Independent Games Competition is now accepting game proposals from any indie studio, microstudio or soloist based in the US.

The competition will be conducted in two phases, with the submission phase starting today until August 31. Details of the second phase were not disclosed.

By October, Activision hopes to have found a winning submission and will hand over $175,000 to assist in the development of the game.

The runner-up will receive $75,000 for the same purposes, but it is likely that both winners – and possibly those who just missed the mark – will network with Activision on publishing partnership opportunities.

Contestants must submit game design proposals on no more than ten sheets of A4.

Submissions can also come with an explanatory and illustrative video, or even a game demo. The demo will need instructions, and all data can come in at no less than 100MB.

As part of the design proposals, each contestant must include estimates on budget, team allocation and protocol. All submission materials should not exceed twenty pages.

To register or for more information, visit Activision’s official website for the contest.

"This competition underscores our commitment to supporting the creative spirit and innovation of developers," said Dave Stohl, executive studio VP at Activision.

"I started my career as a software developer, so this opportunity is something I'm personally very proud to offer to the industry's young visionaries."