Activision co-founder opens iPhone studio

Trio of Skynet execs break off to form AppStar Games Inc
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The co-founder of Activision is partnering with a fellow industry veteran to form a new iPhone game studio, known as AppStar Games.

In setting up the new studio, Activision co-founder David Crane will once again unite with long-time business partner Garry Kitchen, who himself built an integrated debugging environment for Activision in the early eighties.

Both had formerly headed up iPhone publisher Skyworks, releasing around 40 titles, with 15 of those said to have reached top 100 status on the App Store and seven making the top 25.

It is thought both have left their Skyworks posts, though the circumstances remain unclear.

Skyworks’ website suggests that both have left the team, as has former Chief Creative Officer Bill Wentworth, who also joins AppStar. Added to the trio is experienced exec Roger Booth.

AppStar Games ultimately has the same ambition as Skyworks – it will be focusing on building snack-sized games for wireless devices – though it will be working on handheld consoles as well as App Store and Android games.