Ageia launches PhysX SDK support scheme

New profiling and optimisation services for developers
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Physics accelerator developer Ageia has revealed a new licensing and support model for its PhysX SDK.

The company, which says that it is taking these steps to ‘better serve the quickly growing developer base’, will continue to offer the PhysX SDK binaries to developers for free. Those wishing to get their hands on the source code can now do so for a flat fee of $50,000 per application.

In addition to the new pricing scheme, Ageia will be offering both off- and on-site support, including game profiling and optimisation for console, multi-core and PhysX PPU systems.

"We're proud to see the heightened acceptance and recognition of PhysX in the gaming marketplace," said Manju Hegde, CEO of Ageia.

"By drawing on the Ageia support during the game development process, developers will be able to harness the power of physics that will lead to new and innovative physics implementations that many of us haven't even yet thought of."



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