Allegorithmic unveils Substance Designer 3

Texture and material processing software features new batch processing tools and 2D painting utilities
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Allegorithmic has made available the third iteration of its popular texture tool Substance Designer.

The latest version of its texture and material processing software features the addition of 2D Bitmap painting utilities and new batch processing tools.

Other new features include an advanced filter library with hundreds of predefined substances and filters and a new 4K working environment to help bake content at higher resolutions.

Substance Designer 3 is targeted at smaller mobile and web applications as well as the “next-generation” of triple-A titles.

“Substance Designer 3 follows the lead of our user base,” said Allegorithmic CEO Sébastien Deguy.

“They are passionate, and they know what makes their world better. These new features will be welcomed with open arms.”