Amazon boasts big numbers from Underground devs

Increases reported in downloads and revenues from Kerad Games and Coffee Stain Studios
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Amazon has shared more success stories as its new Underground app initiative continues to gain momentum.

The business model was introduced last August and sees developers paid according to how much their games are played, rather than through advertising or microtransactions. Rovio has already reported higher revenues from using this program, and now Amazon has more stats to share.

According to the platform holder, royalties paid to app creators have grown by more than 3,600 per cent since Amazon Underground launched. Also, 87 per cent of games reportedly deliver higher revenues through Underground that other Android platforms.

Two studios were cited as prime examples. Kerad Games saw a 900 per cent increase in average monthly downloads since launching Final Kick on Amazon Underground, while Goat Simulator dev Coffee Stain Studios made more revenue through Underground than on any other Android platform.

Amazon adds that in January 2016, royalties paid out to devs grew by 50 per cent compared to the previous month. And with Underground now available across Europe, the number of customers using the platform has grown by 870 per cent since launch.

Now these are very impressive figures, but the fact that they are all percentages rather than fully disclosed revenues, numbers of users and so on leaves this somewhat open to interpretation.