Amazon Lumberyard releases biggest ever update

Update 1.9 improves workflows, includes new cloud features and improvements for Twitch Metastream
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Amazon Lumberyard have released their latest update, Beta 1.9, which the company claims is their biggest release yet.

Talking on the Amazon Lumberyard blog the update brings updates like Twitch Metastream, which was discussed in the latest issue of Develop, and many improvements and fixes.

Amazon regularly try to implement features directly based from user feedback and this update features many that were requested at GDC. One of these was to deliver more Cloud Gems, which allows developers to launch connected game elements quickly with as little manpower as possible. This new update will include the Player Account Cloud Gem for player authentication and management.

Other improvements include adding Lua programming support for its Twitch Metastream fucntionality and several improvements to the UI including improved search functions for the asset browser.

One big improvement is to workflows for the Component Entity system. Debuted at GDC, the system was designed to make developers life easy when creating omplex entities. Feedback from GDC has allowed for many additions and refinements, including being able to drag-and-drop component settings directly in to the Lumberyard editor and corrections to the Primitive Collider tool.


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