amBX CEO enjoying independence

Having flown the nest at Philips, amBX takes on a confident tone
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Speaking to Develop, amBX’s CEO Neil MacDonald has been talking about the benefits of the company’s recent independence from Philips.

“It's absolutely clear that the potential for amBX goes way beyond Philips' own products and marketing reach,” reveals MacDonald. “To achieve its potential, amBX needs to be an independent business and seen as unaligned with large industry players. That's why we have taken this bold step.”

Philips is still a partner in the fund that is the majority shareholder in amBX, but does not have any presence on the board, which includes MacDonald and two representatives from Prime Technology Ventures.

Granted independence, amBX is confident about its new position, and has ambitious plans for 2009. “We're pushing further into the games sector than ever before and we have big plans for music and movies, too. We will be working very hard to make it easier than ever and very inexpensive for content owners and developers to add amBX enhanced affects to their content,” enthuses MacDonald.

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