AMD unveils 'Cinema 2.0'

New tech to offer unparalleled human likeness in real-time
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If you thought AMD had been conspicuously quiet during the Intel / NVIDIA mud-flinging of late, that's because it's been crowing about something entirely different: what it calls 'Cinema 2.0', a new effort that promises to bring photorealistic graphics to real-time environments.

According to Joystiq, which was present at a recent AMD event in New York, the new effort uses a special globe-shaped room outfitted with high-definition cameras that capture the surface detail of a model placed in the centre. These images can be combined into a high-quality 3D model, which AMD is saying is capable of running in real-time on its latest cards.

The company claimed that the technology is available now, and developers Splash Damage, Crytek, Rebellion, Remedy and Blizzard were highlighted in a presentation as partners - although probably in the more general sense rather than partners in this specific endeavor.