Anark sells off Gameface â?? to Nvidia?

Company behind games UI tool wants to focus on enterprise CAD software
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Anark Corporation, developer of the Gameface UI software, has sold off its entertainment software division, including Gameface, and will instead focus on targeting CAD and visualisation customers.

The entertainment software division has existed since 2002, and has served customers as large as Microsoft, Sony and Nvidia with its 'powerful 3D tools and middleware platforms'. Instead, the company will now focus on its Anark Core application that converts and prepares CAD data to improve interoperability between different CAD packages.

Develop contacted Anark to ascertain who had bought the division, but was told that such information was 'still confidential' at this time. Anark's website, however, contains a image displaying the words 'Looking for Anark Gameface?' that links to an Nvidia e-mail address. Anark had not responded to Develop's attempt to confirm this information as of yet.



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