Animazoo demos new mocap kit in San Diego

SIGGRAPH 07: IGS-190 inertial gyroscopic motion capture system gets showing after Brighton debut
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Animazoo is demoing its new motion capture system at SIGGRAPH this week.

IGS-190 replaces Animazoo's popular Gypsy Gyro 18 kit and, as we revealed just under a month ago, has been in development for over two years. The showing at this week's computer graphics show follows on from the technology's public debut at the Develop conference and expo two weeks ago and a period of beta testing.

Jo Hull, marketing director, commented: "Feedback from beta testing already shows that the new features and enhancements have been very well received. For Animazoo, the product launch marks a new phase for the company and has also been an ideal time to refresh our identity. A new logo and web site are also being unveiled this week."

Key improvements over the previous Gypsy system include improved global translation system for better accuracy and an additional sensor to gain greater nuance from mocap performances.

"The new system offers smoother, cleaner data with greater realtime functionality," said director of technology, Ali Kord. "It also accurately provides angle data straight from the sensors doing away with solving altogether."


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