Animazoo opens Second Life shop

Mo-cap company offering new animations for Second Life avatars
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Motion capture system developer Animazoo has opened a shop in Second Life, selling animations to the residents of Linden Labs’ virtual playground.

The shop, located at ‘Animazoo, QA Business Park’, sells a range of high-quality animations with prices ranging from 50 to 300 Linden dollars (about 8.5p to 50p).

Animazoo marketing director, Jo Hull said: “Animazoo motion capture systems allow people the freedom to express themselves more fully through their avatars than previously possible.

“How you look is important in Second Life, and our system gives the user much more scope to look and move naturally and express themselves. The shop is an ideal extension of our brand into an environment that really benefits from motion capture, enhancing the Second Life user experience.”

Animazoo animator for Second Life, Dave Wooldridge added: “Considerable time and effort has been put into making Animazoo animations the smoothest, most natural animations available in Second Life.

“The range is under constant review, and new ideas are still under development. Second Life offers fantastic creative opportunities for animation, and many of the capabilities of the Second Life animation system (like animation layering) are still largely unexplored.”



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