Anonymous source: Goodgame Studios to lay off 200 employees tomorrow afternoon

Latest in a string of layoffs for the company
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Hamburg-based Goodgame Studios, the outfit behind free-to-play titles like Goodgame Empire and Big Farm, will be laying off around 200 employees tomorrow afternoon.

This is coming from an anonymous source who emailed GamaSutra. This is the latest in a string of redundancies at the company, with Goodgame Studios coming under fire back in 2015 under allegations that it was laying off developers to prevent collective organisation amongst employees, an allegation that was backed by The United Services Union.

Goodgame refuted these claims, in a statement at the time from the company's head of affairs Dirk Hensen, stating: "After thorough examination, the Company decided to part with 28 employees from different departments for solely operational reasons,"

In summer last year, they also laid off around 400 employees.

Gamasutra claim that their source is concerned whether or not employees hired from overseas will be offered relocation compensation, which is a valid worry when many employees have moved internationally to take up roles at the company.