Another studio backs Wii

Fresh from having been confirmed as an official Nintendo development partner, Italian outfit Twelve Games has backed the Wii saying that producing games for the format is perfect for its small team.
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“The Nintendo Wii is a perfect console to work on for small indipendent developers like us. It gives us the opportunity to work on triple-A games, with very reduced budget ”, commented Giuseppe Crugliano, MD and founder of Twelve.

Crash Dummy Vs The Evil D-Troit will be the team's first Wii title. The company isn't just focused on the smaller-scale, however: the team is also an official developer for the PS3, with it's first game for that platform to be sci-fi action game Starblaze.

Of course the studio isn't the first to back Nintendo so actively - just see today's report on the 'Wii gold rush' - and it undoubtedly won't be the last, either.


Wii sparks development gold rush

Nintendo's best-selling DS and Wii games machines seem to have sparked a flurry of production and acquisition activity, with Traveller's Tales the latest studio to set-up a format-holder-exclusive team to satisfy publisher demand.