Another triple-A dev turns to crowdfunding

Robomodo hopes to raise $35,000 for XBLA project
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Chicago independent outfit Robomodo has become the latest triple-A games studios to seek game funds through a crowdsourcing initiative.

The Tony Hawk Ride developer is trying to raise $35,000, with a view to use that cash to build an XBLA game set in a pinball machine. So far the project has accrued $530 from 19 backers.

The process of crowdsourcing – to draw in funds from numerous consumers – has traditionally been the preserve of smaller independents.

In September, a US-based indie studio with just four active employees had raised more than $20,000 in five days through a successful crowdfunding initiative.

However, with traditional publishers curbing investment on triple-A projects, and cautious of taking any unnecessary risks, many large independent studios have limited financing opportunities.

Recently, the London triple-A studio Slightly Mad launched a bold new crowd-funding system. The group, having finished work on a Need for Speed project, opened an online platform where fans, developers and industry professionals could pool their money and time together on various game projects.

Robomodo has adhered to the crowdfunding convention of offering tiered investment options and rewards to potential backers. Those who pledge $15 will get the game for free when it’s released, while those who put forward more than $5,000 will be credited as an executive producer and receive a bundle of signed games, plus a studio tour.


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