Antix Labs unveils mobile gaming technology

Antix Game Player enables PC game libraries on even low-end phones
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Antix Labs has announced a technology that could, if its grand promises come true, rule out the need for the mobile games development industry.

The Antix Game Player apparently enables ‘signed and certified’ games to be run on platforms from high-end PCs to low-end mobiles with a single binary, authored in C and C++. If the tool is as powerful as the company suggests, it will mean that mobile gamers will be able to run the same portfolio of games on their phones as on their PC.

Existing engines and tools can be integrated into the Antix Player, or developers can use the toolchain provided by Antix Labs.

“Despite advancements in sound, video and picture quality, the experience of mobile games has not lived up to the expectations set by the console and PC-based players,” Francis Charig, chief executive of Antix Labs.

“Small screens, battery drain and fiddly input devices have also hampered development, but the true problem has been the incompatibility between different devices that has led to fragmentation and little opportunity for the publishers of content to see a return on their investments.”

He continued: “The Antix Game Player turns business models for mobile game development and publishing on its head, by taking gaming to new levels through improved service quality, content discovery and pervasive deployment.

“Games publishers are now poised to deliver top quality games to the complete range of mobile devices in a very rapid timeframe – ensuring the launch of a new game can be achieved across all platforms from console to mobile simultaneously. This creates a massive revenue opportunity for games developers, handset manufacturers and network operators alike.”

The Antix Game Player will be shown off at Mobile World Congress 2008 in Barcelona from February 11th – 14th.



Mobile Antix

A technology that enables a single game binary to run across a huge range of phones, from high-end to entry level, regardless of hardware or operating system. Sound too good to be true? We caught up with Antix's Francis Charig to discover what's really behind the Antix Game Player...

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