APB devs on opting for SoundSeed audio middleware

Realtime Worlds praise Audiokinetic tech's workflow and effects functionality
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Speaking to Develop, members of the team creating community game All Points Bulliten have revealed why they chose Audiokinetic's SoundSeed middleware.

"The approach we’ve taken so far has been – let’s just get assets into the game," explained Justin Cowie, who is the audio designer at APB developer Realtime worlds. "The amount of memory we’ve been using hasn’t been the main priority, but it will become so. SoundSeed will enable us to retain a lot of variation that might otherwise have been lost in the optimisation phase.”

SoundSeed offers studios a family of interactive sound generators for Audiokinetic's Wwise middleware platform, and makes use of DSP technology to greatly reduce memory usage and allow for the creation of rich dynamic audio content. The technology also enables studios to create unlimited variations from single sounds.

"For me the choice was mainly about the amount of control and scope for creativity it gives sound designers, minimising the support required from in-house software engineers," revealed APB audio lead roland Peddie. "It’s well designed and implemented. Interface-wise, everything’s laid out really clearly and technically integrating it was quick and easy. I think it’s great,”

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Crackdown creator Realtime Worlds has adopted Audiokineticâ??s SoundSeed Impact for its hotly-tipped forthcoming title APB, claiming it will help them achieve the convincing variation required for a high-end audio experience. John Broomhall gets ready to play cops and robbers...