Apocalypse Now cancels Kickstarter, starts crowdfunding on own website

Not everyone gets everything he wants
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Not everyone gets everything he wants
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After failing to hit their crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter, the team behind a video game adaptation of Apocalypse Now have launched a crowdfunding initiative through the Apocalypse Now website, and they're asking for an eye watering $5.9m

The Kickstarter campaign for the Apocalypse Now game had a target of $900,000 and scraped together just under 20% of their goal, $173,000, in funding before they ended the campaign in its final week and moved to funding the game through the website.

This campaign is longer and runs until May 19th, 2015, with pledges only being collected if the project hits its goal. So far, the crowdfunding on the website has hit $170,000 over 500 pledges, just shy of the Kickstarter campaign.

Apocalypse Now: The Game has the backing of Francis Ford Coppola and his production company and is officially licensed, billed as a first-person RPG in a similar vein to Deus Ex, but with more Vietnam.

Erebus, the company behind the funding attempt, has gathered a strong team to work on the game, with developers from battlefield, The Witcher and Gears of War all involved with the project.