Apple adding new games development tools for iOS 9

GameplayKit will handle game logic, while ReplayKit lets players edit and share gameplay videos
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Apple has unveiled a slew of new tools for mobile developers that will be introduced when iOS 9 launches this autumn.

Discussing the new software at this year’s WWDC, the key additions include GameplayKit and ReplayKit, according to Gamasutra.

The firm’s developer site describes GameplayKit as a tool for “designing games with functional, reusable architecture, as well as technologies for building and enhancing gameplay features such as character movement and opponent behaviour”.

ReplayKit, meanwhile, is designed to capitalise on the growing popularity of gameplay videos, allowing players to capture and edit footage of their gaming sessions before sharing them online.

Apple went on to promise upgraded versions of 2D game dev tool SpriteKit, 3D graphics and animation framework SceneKit and graphics API Metal.

Metal is also in the works for Mac, with claims of a 40 per cent better rendering efficiency, according to GamesIndustry. A beta version is part of the El Capitan update for OS X and is available now.


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