Apple hit by hackers, claims no data lost

Security firm suggests code for smartphone apps the target of attack
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Apple has disclosed that a number of employee computers were infected by a bit of Malware which has been making its way across Silicon Valley.

The news comes after the US accused the Chinese military of waging cyber warfare against American corporations.

Apple says that there is no evidence any data was lost in the attack.

The malware, which Reuters reports is the same that infected Twitter and Facebook and a number of defense contractors, was apparently contracted when employees visited a website for software developers that had been infected.

“Apple has identified malware which infected a limited number of Mac systems through a vulnerability in the Java plugin for browsers,” the company told AllThingsD.

“The malware was employed in an attack against Apple and other companies, and was spread through a website for software developers. We identified a small number of systems within Apple that were infected and isolated them from our network. There is no evidence that any data left Apple. We are working closely with law enforcement to find the source of the malware.”

There is no hard evidence so far to link the attacks with China.

Security firm F-Secure has suggested the target of the malware was the code for smartphone apps.